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Client Testimonials

Laura MacIntosh

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Ellen for handling the sale of our home during a very difficult time.

My husband and I had worked with her in the past, and this time around had once again called on Ellen to begin the initial paperwork for our current listing. Plans were on the brink of being put in motion, when everything quickly came crashing to a halt -- due to my husband's unexpected passing. But when the time was right, Ellen stepped up with great sensitivity, and guided me through the whole process on my own - and to my good fortune, even secured more for me than the original asking price.

E. Juniper MCSP MSC Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, McMaster University

I found Ellen extremely business-like and efficient. I needed someone who was not going to let grass grow under her feet and would make every effort to sell my property as quickly as possible at an acceptable price. Ellen explained all the services she would be offering very clearly and she certainly provided them all. Her sales skills compared with other agents who took properly through my house were outstanding. I appreciated Ellen's guidance when offers were made. Never did she advise me of what I should or shouldn't do: instead she pointed out clearly the thing that I should consider before making my own decision and responding. In addition several of my friends noted how outstandingly she conducted herself throughout the whole process.

Louise Spence

From our first meeting with you we both felt very comfortable with you and had great confidence in your skill and professionalism. The best testament of your knowledge of the area, the current market conditions and all the tools you use in your business is that our house sold in one day!

M. McCarthy

I had no idea what to expect and I really appreciate the way you walked me through what would happen and explained each step from beginning to end. The personal attention you give your customers, I'm certain is the reason behind your success.

F. Garland

I'm so thrilled you were able to find a Buyer for the Penthouse - and so quickly - I can hardly believe it! I appreciate so much all your help and advice- your suggestions were fabulous and obviously cinched the deal. Wish I had known about you five years ago - you're that good - and probably would have been able to save us years of condo fee, taxes, etc. - not to mention the grief.

J. Duthler and L. Duthler

Ellen was the Realtor out of many that we consulted with that understood our motivations. She believed in the value of our house. She took the time to look at the good in our house instead of focusing on the negative. Ellen has the confidence, integrity, persistence, boldness and determination to get the job done , and to do the best job possible for the client. I recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home. P.S. Ellen Sold our home in less than 2 weeks for $15,000 more than we expected.

A. Drozenovich

In selling my home Ellen was professional, thorough, confident supportive. My home was sold shortly after listing and I was surprised how quickly it sold. I would certainly call her if I sold again.

B. Cameron Associate Partner KPMG, LLP

Ellen, Thanks for your note and more importantly, for all of your assistance over the past 3 months. You are a great realtor and I will certainly recommend your name to anyone I know who is searching for a property.

R. Weatherly

Internet marketing worked for me. It was bought by a family who were about to move to Canada and who had a fairly clear idea of the kind of house they were seeking. They might never have found my house, which suited them well , if they hadn't seen it on the internet. Now they have a house waiting for them and I was spared the anxiety of finding someone who would appreciate it.